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might, I cannot upload the results of analysis for early December to mid.. because, I will move to a new place.. hopefully, can be faster :)

GBP-JPY TODAY >> FOREX TODAY ? ................

Now, the system which is used in the http://gbpjpytoday.blogspot.com could be used for all forex trade
Plan 1. There are plans to develop the blog with other trading post .....But, for the professionalism, the blog must be able to finance itself all the activities and further development ...But I do not know how ?! ^ _ ^
Plan 2. let the system to anyone who is interested (AUCTION)
time of the west Indonesia, WIB (GMT+07:00)

Friday, June 11, 2010

04:00 11 Jun 2010 - 03:59 12 Jun 2010 (time of the west Indonesia, WIB)

direction : Positive, three digit ; pressure : Positive, one digit ; shadow : Positive, three digit
  • Direction : Up
  • Pressure force : no
  • intersection line (direction X shadow) : no

: the direction of trade showed an
increased (Up), with no (little Positive) pressure, and there is no intersection of the line (direction X shadow), so, trade direction is still increased (Up)
Action : Search: the lowest point for Buy New

1 comment:

  1. hi Sir,
    Hi traders!! - EURUSUD
    Trend bearish all time frames, but test this week important suport monthly box [1.1575,1.1890].
    Until now any signal for a temporary bottom at this levels, but i change my view this week, Strong Bearish to Bearish neutral, because this cross test important suport/box montly chart.
    Key number short-term 1.2350 below key expect new lows target 1.1750 ( look to chart fibonacci areas>> perfect testing upside and dowside).
    Last session possible temporary top is formed 1.2152 because for now, resistance hourly range [1.2154,1,2165] and daily chart [1,2154,1,2178].
    If close hourly above 1.2178 new resistance range [1.2233,1.2250].
    Suport hourly 1,20 and range [1.1940,1960]. Close hourly below 1.1960 expect more damage first target last low 1.1875 and second target 1.1750.
    Nothing new follow the pattern of last weeks. Pattern??
    Looking to daily chart EURUSD tested friday last suport box now resistance this pattern have 6 weeks.
    Friday test EMA 21 represent for now important resistance.
    Enjoy your sunday have a nice week.