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might, I cannot upload the results of analysis for early December to mid.. because, I will move to a new place.. hopefully, can be faster :)

GBP-JPY TODAY >> FOREX TODAY ? ................

Now, the system which is used in the http://gbpjpytoday.blogspot.com could be used for all forex trade
Plan 1. There are plans to develop the blog with other trading post .....But, for the professionalism, the blog must be able to finance itself all the activities and further development ...But I do not know how ?! ^ _ ^
Plan 2. let the system to anyone who is interested (AUCTION)
time of the west Indonesia, WIB (GMT+07:00)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

04:00 3 Sep 2013 - 03:59 4 Sep 2013 (time of the west Indonesia, WIB)

direction : Positive, three digit ; pressure : empty ; shadow : Positive, three digit

  • Direction : Up
  • Pressure force : No
  • intersection line (direction X shadow) : Yes

the direction of trade showed an increased (Up), with no pressure, but there is an intersection of the line (direction X shadow), so, be careful, reversal of the "trade direction" may occur, decreased (Down)

Action : Search: the lowest point for Buy New


  1. I believe that you can create a signal and publish the signal on mql5.com by creating a real account on amaranda, they offer a free account with 15 EUR, if your system success then you can sell your signal.

  2. I can add your account to a vps on that way, you can open positions from your cell phone or computer using the metatrader and publish your work.